Do you belong to the <1 Club?

Have you ever been on the outside? Thinking that opportunity will never come? In the hunting world, this is a common thread for most of us. There's always someone better off, someone with more opportunity, and someone in better shape than ourselves. 

Do not let these menial things stop you from reaching for the stars.

The Wild Sheep Foundation created this fun and not-at-all exclusive club for hunters just like us. Hunters that dream someday to climb to the top of a majestic mountain, watch bands of ewes and rams sunup to sunset, and eventually work their way up to that pinnacle.

Let us introduce you to the <1 Club sponsored by the Wild Sheep Foundation.

Spot on, according to the WSF, "This is the only club you'll want to join and get kicked out!"

The best feeling ever, taking your first ram. Photo courtesy Wild Sheep Foundation.

WSF’s <1 Club membership is open ONLY to those aspiring sheep hunters who have not yet taken a North American or international wild sheep ram. You must also be a WSF member in good standing. An annual membership in the <1 Club is $25, for which you receive a <1 Club T-shirt and one (1) entry into the sheep hunt & gear package drawing.  The drawing for world-class sheep hunts and other spectacular hunting clothing and equipment takes place each year at the annual Sheep Show™ convention in January.

Those hoping to launch into the next tier of hunting need only this advice, start planning now. If you put your mind to it, sheep hunting can be a reality for anyone. Starting with the WSF <1 Club, you'll be surrounded by others like you. Sometimes inspiration is all it takes to get your foot in the door to something great. If you are feeling lucky, join the club today. The drawing you could win could set you up for the hunt of a lifetime. 

Need to prepare for the long haul? No worries, just don't put off till tomorrow that you could do today. Research hunt opportunities, look for high draw odds, look for open hunts. They exist, whether you're looking for a thinhorn or a mighty bighorn.

Research regulations, you may find you need a guide. Talk to as many outfitters as you can, and do your homework calling references. Don't just jump in bed with the first sweet talker... 

Do you have a trusted partner to share your adventure with? This can take years to sort out. Test them out, do they cut it when the going gets tough? If there's one thing we can assure you, the going will get tough on the mountain. Quiters don't make good tent fellows at 5000'. You need trust, that bond that won't break. 

It's never too early to start getting in shape. Thers's not a one of us that wouldn't benefit from daily exercise. If you want to hunt sheep, it means you like to hunt other things as well. There's not an outdoor adventure out there that wouldn't be more enjoyable with a stronger core and back. 

For now, keep the dream alive. If you haven't done it yet, join the Wild Sheep foundation's <1 Club. You won't be sorry!

Good luck out there, might be you some day!