Looking for interested outdoor bloggers to review a new product

Are you an avid outdoorsman and a good writer? Do you spend a good amount of time in the field carrying a camera, a rifle, or a bow? We need you.

Talarik has just launched a brand new product called the SlingHook, and we need your help spreading the word about this simple yet effective piece of equipment. We are looking for honest reviews and feedback from other hunters. From our own field testing, we already know the product is amazing, but we want your perspective!

The SlingHook was designed to help us carry a backpack AND a slinged rifle, bow or camera at the same time - without frustration. There is nothing worse than reaching for a branch or hand hold and having your sling slide down to your elbow throwing you off balance. 

No matter what sling or pack you use, the SlingHook is your solution. The most versatile sling catch available, the SlingHook works with any sling up to 5/8" thick and slings of any texture. The SlingHook was also designed for use on any shoulder strap from super cushioned wide external frame backpack straps to thinner straps common to turkey or upland bird vests.

The SlingHook is fully adjustable and extremely easy to use. Simply pull it out of the box and firmly attach the SlingHook to your favorite pack shoulder strap (above where you would shoulder a rifle). Our high quality hook and loop fastener will assure years of use. If you have a narrow shoulder strap, simply trim off the excess hook and loop, and you're ready to go.

Whether carrying a rifle, bow, crossbow or a camera, the SlingHook offers a basic solution to the age old debate, do you pack it away for a completely hands free hike or keep it handy for when you need it in a hurry? Why not split the difference.

The SlingHook is a simple yet extremely effective backpack accessory. It requires no instructions and it's affordable at $19.99. We are confident, once you try the SlingHook, you will never want to be in the field without it.

Own a tactical weapon? The SlingHook can be turned around at any time and be used as a tactical sling catch to protect your neck from abrasion. Versatility is the goal here.

If you are interested in reviewing the new SlingHook, please send an email with your contact information and your blog link to info@talarikalaska.com, and we'll reach out!

Thanks everyone!