The Journal of Mountain Hunting

The wait is over. After months of false starts and hard lessons learned, the creators of the Journal of Mountain Hunting are pleased to finally announce the release of their second print edition. 

For those of you that missed the first edition, here's your chance to get in. No we're not getting paid for this article, we just wanted to share with you a once in a lifetime magazine. If you enjoy mountain hunting as much as we do, you'll be inspired by the imagery and the inspirational and educational articles herein. 

Most magazines out these days are chock full of advertisements. Not this one.

Journal of Mountain Hunting Issue 2 Cover

From the basics of why we hunt, to the wildlife benefits from wildfire, to training for your next adventure, this journal is everything you need, and nothing you don't.

The Journal of Mountain Hunting Contents
Wildfire article by Jeremy Ayotte from BC
Wildlife Benefits from Wildfire
Backcountry on horseback

If you're like us, sometimes you just need to have a beautiful printed text in hand. You enjoy reading the words on a page next to a hot cup of coffee. 

The Journal of Mountain Hunting does it for us.

Hopefully you'll enjoy it as much as we have.