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SlingHook Field Report

I've been guiding for over eight years now and had to fight to keep my gun sling from sliding off my pack strap the whole time. That all changed this year when I heard about the SlingHook, now my life has changed! That may sound drastic, but when you are out in the field for 2-3 months, guiding bear and moose hunts, having to carry your rifle every day, something as simple as this can be life changing! I wore the SlingHook all season and loved it. This is a necessary purchase for hunters who use a backpack in the field while carrying a rifle (or bow). I highly recommend this product! - Josh Chadd, Majestic Mountain Outfitters

Safety Muzzle Cover Field Report

Great for keeping debris out of your barrel! I typically just throw some electricians tape over my barrel but most of our clients don't like that and so these worked perfectly! They keep the dirt, leaves, and water from getting inside the barrel of the gun! Great buy! - Josh Chadd, Majestic Mountain Outfitters

Exactly what I was looking for! This year’s hunt will be a little more enjoyable without my rifle slipping off my shoulder constantly.
— Juston, SlingHook Amazon Customer

SlingHook Success

There is nothing more frustrating than having your rifle sling, gear bag, or other items hung from your shoulder shifting and falling off of your shoulder as you are scouting or walking into your stand. Adding a padded backpack shoulder sling, a turkey vest, or just extra thick layers of hunting clothes seems only to make matters worse. - Nancy Jo Adams, Ladies in Camo

They work great. I’ve put one and taken off the same one 10 times already and hasn’t broke yet.
— Steve, Safety Muzzle Cover Amazon Customer
Good protection for gun barrels
— James H. Wright, Safety Muzzle Cover Amazon Customer

To SlingHook or Not?

It looks great and something everyone has wished for when lugging a big rifle around. So far clients love your product! I have clients out this weekend... Clients especially with backpacks and a heavy AR10 love it!!! - Todd Davis, Davis Outdoor Adventures

Multi Purpose SlingHook

The SlingHOOK allows you to keep your rifle, camera, binoculars and whatever supported and immediately available while walking...

It does take the frustration out of having your sling drop down to your elbow. I wish they issued these in the Marines when I was a grunt. - Tim Quirarte, Competetive Shooter, The Shooter's Mindset


It was exciting to see Jim Shockey willing to step out and try the SlingHook and offer us a few different shoutouts! For such an accomplished outdoorsman to give our products and a thumbs up, we are grateful and humbled. Shockey is a true conservationist and understands giving back. He puts more back into conservation and the future of our treasured wildlife than most people know. Give him a follow. 

Jim Shockey supporting the SlingHook on FB

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