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Our Mission

Hunt, create, design, test, repeat. We started Talarik with the modern hunter in mind, man, woman and child. Never stop dreaming, never stop working towards a better life. Born of innovation and ingenuity, our small outdoor company is a creative outlet for making life in the wild simpler, easier and more enjoyable. Our passion for hunting and traversing the backcountry drives our product line and our desire to help others enjoy the outdoors as much as we do.

For us, there's no better time spent than exploring the back country with family. We hunt hard, we hunt often and we are always planning that next adventure. You never truly know your own strength and determination until you step outside the box. 

With our product line-up, we are hoping to make your day a little brighter, easier and safer. With our success, we are able to give back. Fighting for continued opportunities to explore, pursue wild game, and roast marshmallows anywhere anytime is a responsibility we take seriously. 


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The 2019 Alaska Huntress Calendar is available here!

As part of our dedication to our outdoor heritage, we wanted to share a small piece of Alaska with you through the Shelly Szepanski memorial women’s huntress calendar. A portion of the proceeds from each calendar goes to the Shelly Szepanski Memorial Flight Scholarship; designed to help female pilots pursue flight training in advancement of their careers in natural resource management and/or remote Alaska services.


If you can say you gave your kids your all, you'll have no regrets - Rebecca Schwanke, co-owner

These will be the best moments of your life... - M. Hunter McDonald, co-owner

Never stop exploring...

Never stop having fun outdoors!


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